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The idea of connection has been swirling in my head since January 1st.  You know, that day when everyone makes a resolution… striving to be a better person in the new year.  So instead of adopting the latest fad diet, or choosing to eliminate something from my life, I decided to pick a word to focus on, marinate with, and implement daily. I wanted a word I could carry across all platforms of my life… one that would facilitate growth personally and professionally. After prayerful consideration, the word CONNECTION bubbled to the surface. 

Connection is the energy between you and someone else, that moment when you realize something rather valuable is happening. 

When I chose this word, I never imagined how critical connection would actually become in 2020. Our social distancing has robbed us of so many ways in which we previously practiced interacting. How do we connect during these times of social isolation?

COVID-19 has redefined “connection” globally for so many.

We are connecting in new ways:

-People support their friends by driving by and honking for birthdays.

-People line the streets to welcome home a cancer patient.

-People are setting up online happy hours with college roommates.

-Families are playing games, watching TV, eating meals together.

-Online book clubs are popping up.

-People are creating sidewalk art to lift the spirits of passersby.

But despite all these new ways of connecting, there are still those who feel isolated. Some have had to quarantine in a house alone. Some don’t live in friendly neighborhoods. Some have limited access to technology. Some find themselves trapped in uncomfortable, even dangerous domestic situations. Some find themselves paralyzed by depression. And some are in bed with illness.

So, if you are someone whose spirit is being filled with all kinds of new connections, I would urge you to reach out to someone who may not be having the same experience. Who do you know that might feel isolated? Can you connect with someone outside your immediate circle? Send a text, pick up the phone, paint a picture and drop it in the mail. Share your energy of connection with those who may feel isolated.

Remember. It is possible for connection to show up in all we do, even in the midst of a quarantine. If you’re feeling connected, please share that invaluable energy. You never know when your phone call, your text message, your drawing arriving in someone's mailbox, could make their day and even get them through the week in this difficult period of time. Let’s connect with each other.

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