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Combating Burnout: 4 Effective Strategies for Artists

Updated: Jun 14

Top 4 things that work for me…

This past week I talked a little about burnout in our lives. I referred to a time when I experienced it in my personal life, but burnout can happen as an artist as well. This can be so frustrating, especially when you rely on your creativity for your livelihood.

watercolor art with gold leaf

Here’s my go to…

1. Meditate. It doesn’t matter what it looks. For me it is breathing, while I paint with a guided meditation the background. This helps untangle your mind. If it feels good… do it!

2. Move. Take a slow walk, while looking at nature around you. I try to find one thing I hadn’t noticed the day before.

3. Give yourself permission to rest. It isn’t the rest that’s hard to do, it’s the permission we need to do it. Tell yourself it’s ok to stop and read, take a nap or just pause for a few days.

4. Play! When you feel rested, play like a child. Forget the rules, the expectations and just play.

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