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Relaxing Into Art

Were you able to take time off over the holidays? If so, that break is probably over now. If you're like me, a parent of two boys (young men), I find myself getting sucked back into the the rush of day-to-day life, trying with greater and greater effort each day to keep my new year's mottos in mind.

But then I remember to ask myself: What's the rush? Creating and looking at my art reminds me: There is no rush. There is no reason to race through life. In fact, there are all the reasons in the world not to. Stop to have the cup of coffee, hold the hand, listen to the friend, get the massage, buy the art. Stop and reflect on how to be better at what you do. Stop to reflect on your values. List them. Remember them.

These pieces, paired with their permanent home at Cielo Spa, are inspired by the spa's values: respect for uniqueness of each individual, and taking care of our personal needs. My art is definitely inspired by photos taken around Cielo Spa, and I find myself so grateful for the collaboration I have with them. The lines represent the journey to relaxation. What an important journey!

Stop and take the time to be present, listen to what you are being called to do! #stayinggrounded Photo Credit: Sara Jin Photography

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