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Navigating Goodbyes: Reflections on Change and Comfort

As I have my quiet time this morning, I am drawn to this image because of its colors, its grounding elements, the softness it expresses and just the sheer fact that it brings me comfort.

With each new day, I get closer to that moment when I must say good bye. I know, good bye is a part of life, right? Never easy to do, but it’s there.

29 years ago today my sorority sisters and I said good bye to a friend way too early 🌻.

I am in the season where we are saying good bye to parents and children at the same time.

We are saying good bye to who we once were and reinventing ourselves for a new chapter.

Good bye was modeled so clearly in the Bible by Jesus.

It’s just a part of life. It sure doesn’t make it easier though. So, in those moments where the idea of good bye gets too heavy, I pause. I look at something peaceful and remember that we are not alone. We all walk the journey together and it’s together we get through it. To all the friends who are saying good bye this season, I am here and I get you.

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