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Life Lessons from Parenting: Embracing the Journey

Updated: Jun 14

I have held many jobs in my life, but this one fills my cup to the top.

The truth about parenting for me:

1. It’s every emotion wrapped up in one big messy bundle.

2. Those older (wiser) parents weren’t lying when they said, “enjoy these moments because it’s gone before you know it!” Oh boy, they weren’t kidding.

3. My children are amazing gifts, but I never wanted them to define me. I have gifts to give too and what I discovered is we can share them together without losing our own identity.

4. Pick your battles… some things are just not worth bugging them about. Once my kids got into high school I realized time was fleeting. The mess would one day go away and the house would be strangely quiet… who cares if there are 20 shoes at the bottom of the stairs or the bed isn’t made. That means they are home.

5. Honesty has served us well (in the long run). Telling the why behind a decision or owning a mistake shows we are human. There isn’t a book on “how to parent”… I am human, they are human and we fumble together every day.

6. I love them fiercely, even when they make the mistakes. In that moment, I may be the only person holding their hand and to me, that matters.

As I close the chapter to the daily activities of having children living in my home, I am eager to see what this new stage of parenting brings. I am bound to learn new lessons, I am bound to stumble on my words, I am bound to cry, laugh or yell, but one thing I do know… I will savor every moment with each day I am given to be their mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there just trying to figure it out. You are seen and heard. 💕🌸

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