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Embracing Art's Tranquil Journey from Teacher to Professional Artist, Fox 13 Feature

I had the pleasure of being featured in a Fox 13 Tampa Bay segment, As a teacher, Tampa watercolor artist falls in love with art all over again.

I spoke with Corey Beckman on how I create paintings that bring tranquility to my customers' interiors. During the interview, I shared how I discovered my love for painting in third grade and pursued it academically at Washington University. However, starting a family initially led me to set aside my artistic passions.

Teaching Elementary Art
Teaching Elementary Art

Years later, while teaching at Mitchell Elementary, I rediscovered my passion for art through my students' carefree approach to painting. Inspired by their freedom, I began painting for friends, and three years ago, I took the significant step of becoming a professional artist. My work, which now appears in catalogs for Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Ballard Designs, aims to offer an escape from the chaos of daily life and bring moments of peace to those who view it.

Thank you Fox 13 Tampa Bay!

Fox 13 News Feature on Katie White

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