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"Confidence comes from accomplishments, not compliments."

I can't claim this amazing quote, but I have certainly meditated on it everyday since I heard it on a Peloton ride. Isn't it so applicable to all things in life?

If you are actively engaged on social media by trying to sell a product, influence a group or just be heard, you are no stranger to the new Instagram algorithms. In order to be seen or heard, you have to create a "TikTok" type of message by posting a reel. For those who don't know what a reel is, it's a video. People sing, dance, flash text, point to things, show their process (which is how I use it) and much more. It's all out of my comfort zone and after reading posts from fellow artists, it's out of their zone's as well.

We can't change how these social media platforms work, but we can change the way we treat ourselves on them. We have to stop seeking the "compliment", the "likes" and the "views. We must build our confidence on what we achieve in our work. For me, it in the studio when the brush hits the paper or canvas.

I say keep doing you. Stay true and authentic to yourself, it's why people like to scroll through IG. Let's never forget: "Confidence comes from accomplishments, not compliments."

And if you ever see me dancing on my feed, then you know I drank too much wine and the liquid courage can take all the credit for trying something new.

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