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Being Quiet Takes Courage

Each new year I choose a word to help guide me daily and this year I chose COURAGE. I purposefully chose this word for a number of reasons. I want the courage to ignore the negative voice that likes to creep into my head, the courage to move my body when I want to settle on the couch. The courage to try new things, to take the risk, trust and build something new. The courage to take the trip (even if it seems outrageous), to make the call (even it seems scary). I want the courage to be my authentic self. Most of all, I want the courage to be quiet and listen. Listen to what God and the Universe are telling me.

I long for the quiet, so I can listen more. I yearn for less noise and less "to do's" so I can hear the quiet whispers. Is this age? Is this because the pulse of our culture is loud and seems to speed up with every new day? I am sure it is a combination of all of it.

It has taken an enormous amount of courage for me to be quiet. So much change occurred in our family last year that it was essential for me to take this sacred pause. I find great comfort in sitting on the couch while reading or meditating. The quiet is teaching me a new way to produce while leaning into new ideas. I am savoring the quiet mornings to paint, write, plan and dream. I don't know what will unfold from this period of being quiet, but for now it feels really good to be courageous.

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