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Katie White Artist

Welcome to Katie White Art, a creative oasis where you're encouraged to dream big, take risks, and express your true self. Rooted in the principles of tranquility, peace, and the intrinsic beauty of nature, my practice involves crafting watercolor and acrylic collections that embody these themes. Whether you're looking to enrich your personal space or a professional environment, I invite you to immerse yourself in my art.

Blue Watercolor Original Artwork by Katie White.jpg

Discover Tranquility and Nature-Inspired Art

Experience the serene, nature-inspired watercolor and acrylic paintings of Katie White, a dedicated artist based in South Tampa. Each original artwork and commissioned piece is crafted with care, ready to bring peace and beauty into your environment. Engage with the art through my workshops or by adding a unique creation to your collection.

Custom Art Commissions

A commissioned piece of art is more than a transaction; it's a collaboration that brings your vision to life. Working together, we’ll discuss your ideas and preferences to create a personalized artwork that resonates with your personal or professional aspirations.

Watercolor Art as Gifts

Perfect for any occasion, explore small watercolor art pieces and cards that make thoughtful and memorable gifts. Each item is a reflection of nature's calm, ideal for sharing a piece of tranquility with loved ones.

Katie White original art work - watercolor paintings.png
A colorful abstract watercolor painting by Katie White, featuring a blend of vibrant hues and dynamic brush strokes.
Katie White thank you cards with custom watercolor art.jpg


Dive into the world of watercolor with our art workshops and classes. Perfect for all skill levels, these sessions are designed to teach techniques and use art as a mindfulness tool. View upcoming workshops and book online today to start your journey into the therapeutic world of painting.

Insights and Inspiration from Katie’s Blog

Gain deeper insights into my artistic journey through my blog. Here, I share the latest projects, artistic inspirations, and the stories behind my creations, providing a window into the life and process of a watercolor artist.

Watercolor art on canvas by Katie White (1).jpg

Original Artwork

Visit the Shop page to browse and purchase original watercolor and acrylic paintings by Katie White. From unique, tranquil artworks to enhance your home or office decor to handcrafted prints and gifts, each piece invites peace into your living space.

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