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These little treasures represent a collection called "50: A Reflection" that holds deep personal meaning. They embody the idea that with every new lesson, we learn in life, we add a new layer to our existing knowledge. This accumulation of wisdom and experience is depicted through the visual representation of layers, inspired by the grounding lines we observe in nature.


Just like how nature constantly evolves and grows, these pieces serve as a reminder that we are always in a state of learning and growth. Each layer of knowledge builds upon the previous one, enriching our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


The art is 5x7" in an 11x14" archival mat.  It can be easily inserted into an 11x14" frame. 


Colors may vary slightly due to computers and cell phone screens. 

Into the Woods 2 5x7 (art) 11x14" (mat)

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