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I am excited to introduce candles to my collection of gift items this season.  I use candles to set my intention every morning when I begin painting through meditation.


Salty Bayshore Beautiful: Palm and Salt Rock is an aquatic fragrance with a blend of mineral-rich sea salt and fresh palm that is balanced with top notes of cardamom and orange peel. This is the perfect scent for coastal living.



Staying Grounded Pine: This fragrance has a sophisticated blend of Italian cypress and palo santo which gives it a clean woodsy base. It is rounded out with crisp pine and dusted with bergamot to give it a bright finish. This is the perfect scent to help you find your ground each day.


These candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and Certified Clean fragrance blends. Finished at 10oz and has an average burn time of 55 hours.


The white ceramic container is 3.5" in diameter and 4" tall.  Each candle includes a Glow and Grow dust collector.  Plant the seeded paper in your vessel after you burn your candle, water and place in a sunny spot then watch it bloom.



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