My new collection, Blending  connects colors, lines, and ideas… it takes a concept from one part of the page and forces it to connect with a concept from another part of the page… creating a new concept entirely. Blending is like a very intense version of connect-the-dots.
When I connect, both in real life and in my paintings, I’m thinking about old meeting new; slow meeting fast; dark meeting light. What happens when opposite concepts collide? The answer is revealed in the blending.
As an artist, I learned about blending on Day One in the classroom. Blend the yellow and the red and you get orange. Blend your finger over the charcoal and you get soft. Now, years later, blending is taking on a new meaning. But it is still just as relevant. So what’s the latest lesson I’ve learned as an eternal student? Blend experience with trust and you get magic.  Each piece is created on archival watercolor paper with ripped edges for floating mounting capability.


Each piece is painted with watercolor on archival paper. Please note colors may vary a little.  

Blending Collection #1 (5x7")


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