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What I almost missed while gazing at the mountains...

As an artist I always say I am inspired by nature, but what does that really mean? To answer that better I should really answer the question, what about nature inspires me?

It’s the unpredictability of it. I recently experienced this when I walked out into a clearing (snapping a quick photo of my teenager) while gazing at the mountains, I looked down and saw this little evergreen tree growing in the direction of a cross. I had been there for a good 15 minutes before discovering it. At first glance it looked like all the other small pines sprouting out of the ground, but it stood out from the rest as its branches stretch out both vertically and horizontally resembling a cross.

That is what I love about nature. You can be in the midst of it and not notice everything at once. The organic lines and shapes that make up a tree, a rock, the lines of the horizon are so beautiful. I also love nature because it is ever changing, bending, growing, dying... and it makes you second guess, which lines you're supposed to be focusing on?

So, what inspires you? Have you ever had a moment where you were so focused on the big picture that you missed the meaningful detail right in front of you? #evergreen #pines #cross #god #colorado #mountains #horizon #inspiration #inspire #art #artist #katiewhiteart #katiewhite #katiewhiteartist

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