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Let's talk Perception

Friends, Instagram and Facebook are not reality. I like to call it the "People Magazine" for real people. Don't get me wrong, I use it and I am grateful for the platform because it allows me to share what I love and speak my truth, but under my Tacos and Cervezas hat is a momma running her own business, cooking dinner every night, volunteering, nurturing an empty nest, battling menopause and just trying to find space to breath. Don't ever compare yourself to someone else's post or better yet, someone else's life.

Have you ever considered our perceptions might be a bit off?

Remember the last family photo you took?

Everyone was dressed so nicely, you had a specific vision in your head of the perfect image. You would use it for the annual Christmas card, post it on social media for everyone to see... and then your 5 year old decides it is the right moment to melt down. Sweat begins to trickle down your perfectly painted face, you snap at the 8 year old to set a good example, you roll your eyes at the photographer because this is not how you imagined this day going down. Your husband tells you to "chill"... am I painting the picture? We have all been there. Isn't that life? There is always a story behind the still photo and 9 times our 10 it is built around chaos.

I was recently asked how I keep it all together. My immediate response, was "keep what together? I don't!" This has been eating away at me for weeks. I don't keep it together and it makes me sad that is how I am perceived. I need to do a better job at being honest about life. An Instagram post doesn't always reflect my reality. We are human and we all have something on our plates. We can only do as much as our cup can hold. So if all you did today was fold laundry and move from the bed to the couch, pat yourself on the back and be grateful you got that done. If your day was filled with lots of errands, multi tasking and crossing things off your list, then celebrate that too. We all move at our own pace and we all bring something special to the table. Let's celebrate this instead of comparing ourselves to what we "perceive" another person is doing. After we do that, lets eat some tacos and drink some cervezas.

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