My inspiration comes from both nature and the courage of my former elementary art students. I learned from their creativity when I would reassure them to take risks and not worry about the outcome. In return, they painted without any inhibitions, which is inspiring to watch and helped me grow as a professional artist.

I strive to evoke emotion, perhaps spark a memory or bring tranquility to a space. My art reflects nature because I am intrigued by it's unpredictability, the organic lines and the constant changing elements. Many of my pieces include a horizon line because I am drawn to the space where land or water meet the sky, a sacred pause at the end of the day as the sun sets, a deep exhale and a place to root yourself to the earth. It reminds me of how important it is to stay grounded in the world we live in today.

Washington University in St. Louis BFA in Illustration

I have always loved art and been around a studio my whole life. In 3rd grade, I discovered I had a learning disability. Without missing a beat, my parents enroll me in art classes to build my confidence outside of the academic classroom. It was there that I discovered how to draw, paint with oils and my true love, watercolors. I used my talent to go to Washington University in St. Louis, where I majored in Illustration. I didn’t take into consideration that art school would rob me of my confidence. Looking back, that had more to do with age and not so much about being in an academic setting. But I had to grow up to recognize the truth. Once I graduated, I put my art on the backburner and went into youth ministry, got married, had a baby. 


After two kids and a lot of soul searching, I became the Director of Communications at Meals on Wheels in Tampa.  I played around with Graphic Design and rediscovered the creativity living deep inside of me. When my children were in elementary school, I got a call from their Principal asking if I wanted to be the new art teacher. At the age of 39, I jumped in, head-first, teaching 650 kids,10 classes a day in 30 minute time increments. It was in the classroom where I found my ground and reignited my love for art again. 

I officially launched my creative practice in 2017 after teaching elementary art. I love the creative process and making art, so I decided to go out on my own and make the dream a reality. I still wake up every morning, slowly drink my cup of coffee and meander into the studio to create. Being a woman/mother, running a small business brings so much joy to my life. I connect and collaborate with so many people on a daily basis. There is never a dull moment being a creative entrepreneur. 


My work has been shown in several galleries including Art House Charlotte (Charlotte, NC), The Scouted Studio (Charlotte, NC), Four Seasons Gallery (Homewood, AL), Sarah Gormley Gallery (Columbus, OH), Anne Irwin Fine Art (Atlanta, GA), and many local shops in Tampa, FL (MarketPlace Interiors, Four Corners Framing, Tampa Bay Interiors, Cielo Spa and Sketch Art Studio). I have the honor of being self-represented directly from my studio as well as partnering with well-aligned national home decor stores as well as HGTV.


Favorite place to run away to...

Any kind of mountain with my family


Favorite artist...

I loved teaching the life of Henri Matisse. He was so diverse and adaptable.  My first art crush was Norman Rockwell. I get lost in his story telling and technique.  My heart always skips a beat when I stand in front of a Georgia O'Keeffe, her shapes, brush stroke and interpretation of nature are stunning. Anything from the  Modern Art era. I grew up with an original Miro and Picasso in my home which enticed my appreciation.


Favorite musician...

Anything Ed Sheeran. What an amazing creative genius!


What draws you to people...

Their authentic truth and spirit.


Guilty pleasure...

Sitting on the couch all day and reading a good book. Oh, I will never turn down anything with peanut butter and chocolate (especially icecream).